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Parex Mortar Pointing Contractors.TPS Pointing recommended by Parex.The UKs Leading name in Parex Pointing.

Parex has designed an injection mortars specially formulated to provide high quality, durable finishing for Corium, Gebrik and brickslip cladding system projects.

These mortars are technically-advancedeconomical and overcome the variations and inconsistencies often experienced with on-site mixing of mortars.

The Injection mortars designed to have low water absorption, Standard Mortar when injected will gets right into the joint, providing a completely fill for a high strength joint which will outlast traditional pointing by many years. The finished joints are highly resistant and will not be damaged by street cleaning operations.

The mortar is available in a range of ten standard colours. PAREX Historic Has been designed to be a Portland cement-free Injection mortar for applications where older buildings require repointing with care. Mainly used for refurbishment of 20th Century structures,  Historic Parex Mortar, a traditional hydrated lime/sand and GGBS mortar, provides the degree of flexibility needed to accommodate slight movement without cracking or damage to the building fabric.

Historic Parex Mortar is suited to applications involving handmade or soft brick, and weathered or porous stonework. The inclusion of pigments provides a range of consistent colours to meet regional variations, while special colours are available to order. Historic Parex Mortar can also be used on cladding and brickslip Systems.

TPS Pointing are recommended by Parex Mortars.

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