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“Brickslip Injection Pointing”

TPS Pointing specialises in Injection Pointing of Corium, Eurobrik, Gebrik and brick slip cladding systems. TPS Pointing has become one of the leading names in brickslip injection pointing, working on some of the highest profile projects in the country for some of the largest construction companies in the UK. TPS Pointing has worked hard to maintain the highest standards in the construction industry to gain recommendations from Taylor Maxwell Corium Cladding Systems - Advanced Construction Systems - Aquarian Gebrik Cladding Systems - Kingspan Group PLC - Pro-Clad™ - Pro-clad system - RGB Facades & Parex Mortars.


“Brickwork & Stonework”

We use the latest technology to inject the mortar into the brick and stone joints for a longer lasting and neater finish. TPS pointing offers a friendly, professional service. Because we inject the mortar into the joints, we are always 100% positive that all the joints are full and without any voids which you can get when pointing by hand. Any voids in the new pointing can fill with water, freeze and blow the new pointing out. Injecting the mortar into the joints also improves the bonding between the mortar and the brickwork or stonework. Re-pointing not only stops penetrating damp but it also adds value to your property when done correctly. Re-pointing brick or stonework by hand has always been a slow and messy job, so the natural temptation for many  companies doing this work by hand, is to try to find ways of doing it more quickly such as not taking out enough of the old mortar or rushing the pointing and leaving an untidy finish which will devalue your property. At TPSpointing we grind out using only the top quality diamond raking blades, because we inject the mortar into the joints we do not have the same temptation as other repointing companies of not taking out enough of the old mortar. We always take the greatest of care not to damage the face of the bricks whilst grinding out.  At TPSpointing we pride ourselves on always working to the highest of standards. As you can see from the pictures in our gallery, the  work carried out by TPSpointing is always very neat and to a very high standard with no smudge or mortar marks on the brick work.

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