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Why ask tpspointing

Why ask tpspointing for all your repointing work.

As you can see from all the pictures on the tpspointing website, we take all pictures from a very close up position and not from across the road so you cannot see the quality of the repointing!

All our pointing is always to the highest standard, “first time every time” we never need to acid wash our new repointing work like other pointing companies, because we do not get any on the brickwork.

Do you really want your new pointing to be acid washed!

Because we inject the mortar into the joints, we are always 100% positive that all the joints are full and without any voids which you can get when pointing by hand. Any voids in the new pointing can fill with water, freeze and blow the new pointing out.

For more pictures of repointing work carried by tpspointing, please follow the link.

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