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Professional Water Sealant by TPS Pointing “Commercial and Domestic Re-Pointing”

This is a house we have re-pointed in Leyland.

After re-pointing we apllied a Professional water sealant which you can see in action in the video.

Go Compare recently posted some very interesting survey results. They listed all the most common reasons why potential home buyers would be put off from making an offer, when viewing a property. The top reason given in the survey, by some margin, was “Damp patches, stained walls and ceilings”. 70% of people, who took part in the survey, said that this would stop them from buying. In fact, three of the top five answers were related to damp issues or their side effects.

This means that, if you’re experiencing damp problems that are immediately identifiable on the first viewing, 70% of your potential buyers would be immediately discouraged from making an offer. TPS Pointing can help rectify these problems and make sure that your house is being presented in the best possible way.

To see more pictures of this house being re- pointed click on the Facebook Link. Commercial & Domestic Re-Pointing

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