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TPS Pointing "Commercial and Domestic RePointing

TPS Pointing "Commercial & Domestic Repointing"

Professional Repointing by TPS Pointing

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All our employees are fully trained in all aspects of the industry and we pride ourselves on keeping a clean and tidy site, but with a 100% health and safety record. No job is too small; we will carry out work ranging from a garden wall to detached houses, barns, churches and industrial building units. Our company works together to achieve success and recognise excellence. In all masonry walls (brick, stone or block), the exposed face of the mortar joint is subject to gradual erosion due to rain, wind and wind-driven dust and grit. Frost attack also contributes to the breakdown of materials. Once the exposed face of the mortar has receded behind the outer wall face, the arises of the masonry become more vulnerable to erosion. At some point the joints become so worn that water can penetrate and saturate the wall. The decision to repoint is most often related to some obvious sign of deterioration, such as disintegrating mortar, cracks in mortar joints, loose bricks or stones, damp walls, or damaged plasterwork. Holes can sometimes develop in the joints due to improper bedding of the masonry or other, specialized, localized influences, and the general look of the house exterior is reduced. The mortar joint in a masonry building is the wall's 'first line of defense'. Each project requires judgement based on a variety of factors. However, our expertise has given us the ability to realise this at the outset and can prevent many jobs from becoming prohibitively expensive. Repointing is an essential aspect of building maintenance and can save the owner a great deal if scheduled as part of a strategic plan. Our repoints will last for years to come and with all our previous satisfied clients and jobs you can view in our gallery you can be sure you are in good hands.

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